One point for the po po!

Nothing irritates me more while driving. The left lane (which there is signs) is specifically for passing people, not to drive 40 mph! Just remember we may be speeding and “breaking the law” but so are you by going 40 mph in the passing lane. But this cop had to definitely be breaking the law by riding that close, it gave me a laugh though.

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Today we took a field trip

Today our teacher took us on a field trip down to The Gazette. It was so nice getting out of the classroom, getting away from writing and the critiquing.

We actually got to see real people who do this for a living in their element and was fascinating. The newsroom was everything I thought it would be looking wise, it looked like it was straight out of a movie. Crammed desk right by each other, piles of papers. Really, all that I thought was missing was the craziness of a newsroom that you seen in a movie, papers flying, people yelling across the room, people sweating, watching the clock as the deadlines about to hit.

Some of the writers for the newspaper even talked about the psychological toll. And I was sitting there like wow, I thought I was the only one. The question I really wanted to ask was (but I didn’t I thought it might be to intrusive or rude) how much do you guys really drink? If you pay attention to the movies most of the writers, have a drinking problem and I have probably became a full fledge alcoholic since taking this journalism course. I was a part time, weekend one, nope not anymore. You might see me at 11:30 a.m. drinking a few glasses of wine.

I have a respect for journalist I really do! They choose this as their career for 20 plus years. Me in the meantime have became a full fledge alcoholic. Dyed my gray hair. Not been able to sleep at night, even though I could have been done with a paper. Gained 10 lbs. Became fearful of notifications on my phone that it may be an email about a paper I need to re-due, I’m borderline almost to a mental breakdown and I am talking white straightjacket and I’ve only been doing this for four months! Hats off to them!

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4 stars

Having a brother that is in the military and has done one tour and is on his way to doing a second tour, it was kind of trying for me to sit through this movie.

I gave it a 4/5 because of two things 1.) A soldier killing woman and children and everybody else is something I’m sure the American Sniper wouldn’t want to be glorified for. I wish they would have talked more about the morals of his character. Any true human being I’m sure would have struggled with the things being seen and the things the American Sniper had to do. 2.) The ending. It was just so abrupt and sudden. I know that the case was going to trial, but really, the guy who shot him was just a veteran? I wanted more, who was he, did he get killed at the shooting range, did this guy serve with the American Sniper.

I thought the movie was good but I think they kind of highlighted what’s wrong with our society. We glorify violence and don’t really take into account the real issues at hand.

Yes he protected and saved lots of people according to the movie had 160 confirmed kills. But at what cost? He’s a hero, he’s a legend and he made it back home, but at what cost?

I remember getting on the train with my family and heading to my brothers base to see him off before he went overseas. The last thing I said to my brother was “No matter what keep that big golden heart of yours.” One of my biggest fears wasn’t really that when he came home he wouldn’t have an arm or leg. It was that when he came home, my brother Shaun, might not be my brother Shaun.

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pulling out my hair

I have made it to mid-terms, and I’ve only had one instance where I got up, got dressed for work and school, went there and it was a Saturday. Yay me! This truly has been the year of me not being able to say “no” to people. Hence why I go to school fulltime, work fulltime and help two gyms with their gigs and really their PR. How am I promoting my gyms and doing dance classes for them, for free? I don’t know. Spring break is much needed and hopefully will give me time to recharge. I’ll get a break from school, but not a break from my job and my family (hehe) unfortunately. The above picture pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now.

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Omg! And then it hit me…

So I was sitting here planning decorations and themes for weddings. And another friend hit me up, wanting ideas and themes for her baby shower. And then I was picking out pant with my mom for a friend’s house for sale, getting ready to stage it with furniture also. Then I was like why don’t I go into event planning? 

I took a whole semester on what I should do when I grow up, got into the communications field, but wasn’t sure what to do with it! My journalism teacher at my first college made me hate writing or even reading a newspaper. (Don’t worry most of us got D’s in her class anyways) but I felt more sorry for her in the end. Public speaking I can do (but really I am extremely shy around people I don’t really know. You can physically tell by my movements and voice I’m nervous unless I’ve had a couple drinks). I don’t mind people, but really I’ve been dealing with people my whole life since I started working at 15. I hate dealing with them more and more everyday. Really more over the phone then in person.  Working for an airline and the travel industry just makes you realize how stupid people are and how they would never find their way out of a paper bag. But working in stressful jobs, dealing with people, anymore I like to be more behind the scenes. Making things happen. I would hate in my travel industry job were people would bombard me with repeat phone calls, I need this, I need this reservation, I need this car. It’s done. Stop calling me. You called me I set up your whole stay. I did my job you don’t need to call me. Especially if it was a customer I would deal with weakly.

At my last job the people I dealt with were rich and had their own jets. What made me so good at what I did, is I knew what rental cars they liked, I knew what food to order, I knew what paper they liked to read. I’m the type of person I don’t want to hear your mouth. I’d rather just do what I got to do and get it done. Really that’s how I made most my bonus money. People tipped me because they knew when I was handling their business stay, I was the Olivia Pope of things. As she would say “Its handled!” Yeah I might have forget things from time to time, but hey, I’m human.

Even at my last job Obama came in to give a speech. I had the secret service guarding my test. But I landed the Air Force One. Planned his catering. Set up the stage. Answered 1,001 questions. 2,000 of the same questions about parking and eventually created my own signs and posted them up. But I thrived and loved the chaotic planning and set up!

So this is my pros and cons list. I think I’ve discovered my calling. It’s in my blood. My mother was physcho about this kind of thing. Since I could remember she’s been painting, sewing, decorating, planning things, selling houses. To take care of her two adopted kids and three birth children, she started doing at home daycare. Blaaaaa that’s a whole other blog. Stay at home, children all day long. I’m surprised she didn’t drink. She chain smoked though. (Anyways like I said another blog)

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My bad, bad bike fall!

tnMy sister is all about bike riding this year and these are her kids. They ask me to go, so I go to support them. But this weekend during our 16 mile bike ride. I took a horrible, terrifying fall.

My tire had gone flat. I was on my oldest niece’s bike which yes, I can barely reach the pedals. (Problem #1)

As we were approaching an intersection downtown I hit the breaks (only one of them) AND FLEW OVER MY HANDLE BARS DOING A SOMMERSAULT

the 6 things running through my head:

  1. Shit!
  2. This is really happening!
  3. Can I correct the bike?
  4. No I cannot correct this I’m going to wipe out!
  5. Shit, brace for impact tuck and roll tuck and roll!
  6. I don’t know if I am dead or alive but I’m going to lay in this street for a minute and if a car so happens to take me out of my misery ok.

Took me a minute to recover, no cars hit me, people stopped and asked if they should call for an ambulance (lol they really did) But I managed to bike it back, little blood, skinned knee, a few bruises.

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My forever yo yoing weight! Gastric Bypass?

yoyoOK so I have never been the skinny girl. I get it. Recently I went to University Hospital about gastric bypass surgery. Now its kind of offensive when people say we’ll “That’s the easy way out” ummmmm you’re obviously not educated about it and what you have to do before and after, to even get the surgery, or be considered for the surgery. Below I will give you a few examples of things you have to do before surgery:

  • Loose Weight
  • No Smoking
  • Psych evaluation
  • Counseling
  • No drinking


  • Dumping from over eating (that ultimately means have no control of bowel movements or puke coming out of your mouth)
  • Having to chew your food to the point where you have to be able to suck it through a straw
  • Acid Reflux
  • Ulcers (from anything, smoking and alcohol YES THIS INCLUDES WINE)

I mean its not just a hey I want to get this done and its done. It’s not an easy fix because they are requiring you to change everything about the way you’ve been living. You have to maintain it. The reason I was considering it was because I’ve worked my ass off (no pun intended) to drop weight, only to gain it back, plus some more. I work out all the time (because it makes me feel happy, calm, clears my head) But this would be a way to help maintain my weight.

So here’s why I decided that I wasn’t going to do it. In the above picture I had dropped 45 lbs and I really didn’t have to change my lifestyle.

  • I have to eat a lot more. And not one big meal.
  • I had to prepare my food. Which being a student and working both full time, it is so hard some days, to go home after a 16 hour day and cook meals for the next day.
  • I had to work out but consistently work out. When I got use to routines in the gym I would up the ante, switch up my routines, do shorter harder work outs.
  • The doctors are ultimately cutting over half your stomach off to make it smaller. But the thing is, just like when you start loosing weight and shrinking your proportions, guess what else is shrinking? Your stomach! So really its something you have to be disciplined to do without surgery but physically you can do it. I’ve done it. The above picture is proof.
  • THE MAIN REASON is unless you can control things you will pay all the money and loose it by stretching back out your stomach. And gaining the weight back.

So how do you get there? My last journey I went through was from weight watchers. 45 lbs lighter an you do have some side effects, but in the end if you can loose it and MAINTAIN it, it is worth it.

tnSo back on my forever weight loss journey wish me good luck!


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